Stolz & Demut


Artists have been provoking and challenging our thinking and our view of society for centuries, often bringing about change.


Designers create a better world by improving the status quo - sometimes by creating a new product or service but, more often than not, by improving
existing ones.


Bartholdi + Hörr, the designers of Stolz & Demut, have torn down the barriers between art and design and created two design objects, both challenging perception, both inviting interaction.


Blattler has been part of this process for six years, helping to perfect the outcome. The art objects are beautiful to behold and intriguing to experience.


A floating wing-shaped chaise longue crafted of solid wood and steel. 'Stolz' is German for pride - and Bartholdi + Hörr can indeed be proud of their achievement. It is also a contraction of 'Stahl' (steel) and 'Holz' (wood), the only two materials used to create 'Stolz'.


A prototype was first presented in 2000 and since then the piece has been perfected. It should be impossible to craft the wood in the way the two
designers have.


"The challenge here was not to compromise", explain Bartholdi + Hörr. "If we were
to create a chaise longue, it could have been a much easier process. We would
have worked with laminate wood that is easy to bend, but that's not what we set out to do".


The piece is as much a celebration of Swiss craftsmanship as it is a joy to look at. The shape is clean, crisp, yet soft, a natural flow. And if ever you have the chance actually to sit on one, it will be an experience to remember.


'Stolz' is created as a limited edition of 12 pieces, making it truly exclusive.


Standing tall and proud one minute and bowing, humble the next. 'Demut' explores feelings of humility and humbleness.


"We all have a purpose and we all serve that purpose. Being proud, holding our head up high is positive, but it doesn't mean that we can't or shouldn't be humble at the same time. Pride without humility is arrogance" say Bartholdi + Hörr.


Interacting with 'Demut' is an experience. A magnetic copper weight is attached directly to the wood, making the light bend more or less depending on the position of the weight.


The craftsmanship is outstanding, and again the two artists explore uncharted territory. To get the wood to bend and take the strain of the weight proved extremely challenging. Getting a magnet to stick to wood is, of course, an illusion, but the effect on the audience is simply disbelief.


Demut is produced in a limited edition of 12 pieces only.






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