umlaut..  is an extension of the creative agency blattler.


The two little dots .. were originally found over the ‘a’ of blattler, but in 1992 these were dropped for practical reasons. Bringing back the umlaut (although in a different way) is the completion of blattler.


While blattler focuses 100% on its clients and their needs, umlaut.. presents a creative platform for blattler to explore and create its own products and events in collaboration with other creative thinkers and makers.


Located in the east end of London, the umlaut.. space regularly hosts events and exhibitions, and showcases blattler's own creations as well as those of blattler's clients and partners.






Stolz & Demut

am[ ]bit

Book launch


Product display

Crotch Grab


53 Fashion Street

London E1 6PX

United Kingdom